portfolio : estee lauder

For decades, Bali has been known for its fine and distinct craftsmanship. Combining skills and natural resources with designs and technology ensures Bali remains a favorite destination for handmade production in South East Asia. 

The Estée Lauder Star edition features some of the craftsmanship that distinctively represents Bali. 

The bamboo basket is hand woven by neighborhood housewives, inspired by offerings in a Hindu ceremony.  The silver/brass ornaments show the transition from computer sketches of 12 ELC star products to laser cut/engrave models that transform traditional skills to a new level.  Each ornament is cut and then finished manually.

The aluminum base is crafted manually with a hammer and chisel/nails, with the skill of a professional carver.  The Ikat lining is hand woven by many women in East Bali which then carefully stitched to the basket. The handmade paper used for printing this card is crafted usually by women, using waste paper.


portfolio : Borobudur souvenir for Unesco

As one of the world heritage, UNESCO aims to save Borobudur site by revitalize local community livehood in cultural industries and heritage tourism. One of the focus is to enhance the capacity of local community production of high quality products using traditional skills.

One of the series is inspired by clay Stupikas that were discovered in a pit to the southwest of Borobudur. This distinct form inspired the Sake set for individual serving. Perfect for Sake and other beverages.

Inspired by the stupa of Borobudur with concentric Lotus petals on its base, the dinnerware set capture this iconic feature on its design.

The tea time set offers a simple, functional drinkware for those who enjoy the convenience in the late afternoon time. The recess on tray allow the cups and snacks rest during serving.

A simple canister not only used for storing items, but also as vase/planters.

Jigsaw puzzle of Borobudur symbols is a fun educative tools for children to recognize different symbols found in Borobudur.


portfolio : mamagreen lifestyle bag line

identity development : logo and product branding
fashion fringe style in sassy black
fashion fringe 1 line
fashion fringe 2 line in summer hippy and ocean splash
fashion weave 1
fashion weave 2 line
casual line

portfolio : fontana hotel bali

artworks for the corridors; 1st journalism, 2nd pop art, 3rd b/w, 4th traditional

artworks for Suite room

artworks for Superior/Deluxe room

decoration for the meeting rooms

gift shop merchandise for Fontana Hotel Bali (www.fontanahotelbali.com)